7 Best Movies To Watch on Prime Video Right Now

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Sapta Saagaradaache Ello – Side A (2023) 

This is a romantic drama film directed by Hemanth M. Rao. The film is the epic love story if Manu and Priya which takes unexpected turns. But we see how the two go till impossible lengths to keep the promises made to each other.

Manchester By The Sea (2016) 

This is a drama film written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan. It follows the story of Lee Chandler, who is named the guardian to his young nephew after his brother dies. This brings in changes in his life that he is not ready to face yet. 

Foe (2023) 

This is a science fiction psychological thriller directed by Garth Davis, based on Ian Reid's novel of the same name. The story follows Hen and Junior who are leading a quiet life when an uninvited stranger shows up at their door with a shocking proposal.

Revolutionary Road (2008) 

This is a romantic drama film directed by Sam Mendes based on the novel by Richard Yates of the same name. Set in the mid-1950s, the film tells the story of a young couple who struggle to cope with their interpersonal problems and the chaos impacts their lives in an everlasting way.

Women Talking (2022) 

This is a drama film written and directed by Sarah Polley, inspired by true events. The women of an isolated, religious colony reveal that the men have been drugging and raping them for over four years. This truth comes out when the women start to talk about the violence they face.

Mast Mein Rehne Ka (2023) 

Directed by Vijay Maurya, this is a sweet story of an unlikely relationship. The film follows Kamath, a retired widower who is determined to make friends and he meets Mrs.Handa, a charming woman. The two go through growth and happiness in the moments spent together.

Aachar & Co (2023) 

This is a coming-of-age comedy drama written and directed by Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy. Set during the 1960s and 70s in Bangalore, the film follows Suma and her nine siblings as they explore changes in their family, the society, gender roles and opportunities for them as women. 

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