7 Best Movies On Apple TV+ Right Now

Team FC

Fingernails (2023)

Can technology really identify if you've discovered your perfect match? It's unlikely, but in the newest work from filmmaker Christos Nikou, a research institute asserts that it has discovered the secret to genuine love.

CODA (2021)

The film's name is an acronym for "Child Of Deaf Adults. It follows the narrative of Ruby, the sole member of her family who can hear, while her parents and one sibling are deaf. As Ruby develops a passion for music, she must confront the challenge of her family's expectations.

Flora and Son (2023)

A delightful independent film set in Dublin portrays a mother's attempt to bond with her son through music. Similar to Sing Street and Once, Flora and Son is directed by John Carney and showcases his distinctive style, along with an added element.

Swan Song (2021)

Cameron is a loving husband and father who, after learning he has a terminal illness, must decide just how far he’ll go to protect his family from having to know the truth, or deal with the devastating aftermath.

Sharper (2023)

This movie is best enjoyed with little prior knowledge, as it's full of deceptive characters in a neo-noir setting. It's a film where appearances and identities are constantly in flux. The film stars Julliane Moore and Sebastian Stan.

Tragedy of Macbeth (2021)

Many are familiar with the tale of Macbeth, the ambitious Scottish lord, but director Joel Coen offers a fresh perspective on this classic Shakespearean story. His adaptation, shot in black and white, introduces a unique twist to the well-known narrative.

Causeway (2022)

The movie centers on a soldier coming back home following a brain injury in Afghanistan. It explores the theme of trauma and the reliance on others for support. It's a meaningful choice for moments when you're dealing with your own challenges.