7 Best Martin Scorsese Movies

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Shutter Island (2012) - JioCinema

The movie is known for its atmospheric tension, mind-bending narrative, and DiCaprio's compelling performance. It explores psychological themes and keeps the audience guessing until the very end.

Taxi Driver (1976) - Prime Video

A psychological thriller starring Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle, a mentally unstable Vietnam War veteran who becomes a taxi driver in New York City. The film explores themes of loneliness and urban alienation.

Raging Bull (1980) - Prime Video

A biographical sports drama about the life of boxer Jake LaMotta, played by Robert De Niro. The film is known for its intense performances, particularly De Niro's portrayal of the troubled boxer.

The Departed (2006) - Prime Video

A crime thriller with an ensemble cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson. The film follows the intertwining lives of an undercover cop and a mole in the police force, exploring themes of loyalty and deception

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - Prime Video

A black comedy based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who engages in corruption and fraud on Wall Street. The film is known for its energetic style and Leonardo DiCaprio's dynamic performance.

Mean Streets (1973) - Prime Video

One of Scorsese's early works, Mean Streets explores the lives of small-time criminals in New York's Little Italy. The film is significant for its impact on Scorsese's later career and the introduction of themes that would become central to his body of work.

The King of Comedy (1982) - Prime Video

De Niro's performance as Rupert Pupkin is particularly noteworthy, and the film is often praised for its satirical take on the entertainment industry. While it was not a commercial success upon its initial release, the film has gained a cult following over the years.

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