7 Best K-Dramas Based On Webtoons

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1. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018) - MX Player

Adapted from a popular webtoon, this romantic comedy follows the story of a narcissistic vice chairman and his competent secretary, weaving a charming tale of love and self-discovery.

2. The Uncanny Counter (2020) - Netflix

Based on a Amazing Rumor webtoon, this series introduces viewers to a group of extraordinary demon hunters with supernatural abilities, offering an engaging blend of action and the supernatural.

3. True Beauty (2020) - Netflix

This webtoon-inspired drama explores the life of a high school student who becomes a makeup guru, navigating the challenges of inner beauty and self-acceptance while maintaining a humorous and heartwarming tone.

4. Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020) - Netflix

Adapted from a Ssanggabpocha, this series combines the supernatural with heartwarming stories as it follows a team of characters who run a mysterious pop-up bar that helps people resolve their problems by entering their dreams.

5. Hell Is Other People (2019) - Prime Video

This gripping psychological thriller, based on a Strangers from Hell, delves into the unsettling experiences of a man who moves into a sinister and bizarre apartment complex, exploring themes of isolation and paranoia.

6. Extraordinary You (2019) - ZEE5

Inspired by a July Found by Chance, this romantic fantasy drama portrays the life of a high school student who discovers she is a character in a comic book, and she strives to change her destiny, blending fantasy and romance in a unique way.

7. Memorist (2020) - Viki

Adapted from a webtoon, this crime thriller centers around a detective with a unique ability to read memories, as he tracks down criminals and unravels complex cases, offering a mix of mystery and the supernatural.

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