7 Best Hindi Original Series On Prime Video

Team FC


This heartwarming comedy-drama follows an urban youth who reluctantly becomes a Panchayat Secretary in a remote village, navigating the challenges of rural life with humor and warmth.

The Family Man

Balancing his life as a middle-class family man and an undercover intelligence officer, this gripping series delves into espionage, terrorism, and the complexities of personal and professional responsibilities.


Set in the crime-infested city of Mirzapur, this intense and gritty series explores the power struggles and bloodshed that arise when a clash between two influential families escalates into a battle for control.

Paatal Lok

Unveiling the dark underbelly of society, this gripping thriller follows a cynical cop as he investigates a high-profile case, exposing the interconnectedness of crime, politics, and the media.


In a race against time, a desperate father takes extreme measures to save his ailing son, leading him down a path of moral ambiguity and suspense in this gripping psychological thriller.


This heartwarming anthology series celebrates the human spirit by exploring the lives of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances, weaving together tales of hope, resilience, and triumph.

Laakhon Mein Ek

Shedding light on the harsh realities of India's education system, this thought-provoking series follows the journey of a teenager sent to an underprivileged coaching center, where he must navigate the pressures of academic success and societal expectations.