7 Best Films of Puneeth Rajkumar

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Bettada Hoovu (1985)

Rajkumar won a National Award for his portrayal of Ramu, a young boy from an impoverished family who is fond of reading but is forced to discontinue his education and work to support his family financially.

Milana (2007)

Rajkumar starred as Aakash, a man forced into a marriage against his wishes, whose wife is in the same boat. The film follows the progression of their relationship over time and trials of life they face together.

Prithvi (2010)

Rajkumar played the eponymous protagonist, an IAS officer who takes on the state political leaders and the local mining mafia in Bellary.

Jackie (2010)

Rajkumar starred as Jackie, a carefree young man who is forced to grow up after he unknowingly assists in a case of human trafficking, causing him to vow to bring back the girl who was spirited away.

Hudugaru (2011)

Rajkumar played Prabhu in this ensemble film about a trio of friends who facilitate the coming together of a friend of theirs with the love of his life, only to be quite badly wounded as reward for their efforts.

Paramathma (2011)

Rajkumar starred as Param, an intelligent young man who appears to wing his way through life. Things take a turn when Param's wife dies suddenly, leaving him devastated and also the sole caretaker of a young child.

Raajakumara (2017)

Rajkumar stars as Siddharth / Appu, the heir of a business empire who is ushered into the hot seat when his family died tragically. The narrative then revolves around what he learns about his parents subsequently, and how he brings those who harmed them to justice.

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