7 Best Documentaries on Disney+ Hotstar

Team FC

Born In China (2016)

Exploring the untamed landscapes of China, Born in China documents personal experiences with a panda and her maturing cub, a juvenile golden monkey dealing with displacement due to his younger sister, and a snow leopard mother facing challenges in raising her pair of cubs.

The Great Indian Election (2019)

A behind-the-scenes look at the process of organizing a six-week election in the world's largest democracy, involving a team of twelve million polling and security officials.

Red Alert: Ganga (2019)

This documentary tracks the journey of the Ganges River from its origin in the high Himalayas, through the plains, to the sea in order to investigate the causes of increasing pollution levels.

Back to the Titanic (2020)

Back to the Titanic chronicles the initial human expeditions to the Titanic in almost 15 years. A group of specialists utilizes a specially outfitted submarine to record the first-ever 4K video of the ship, aiming to study its deterioration rate.

Jesus: Rise to Power (2013)

An exploration of how a small Jewish group rose to power in the Roman Empire and grew into one of the largest religions in history. Also, a study of the martyrs in France, Italy, and the Middle East.

Assembled (2021)

This documentary series produced by Marvel Studios provides behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of various Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) projects, including movies and TV shows.

Inside Tirumala Tirupathi (2018)

This documentary offers a glimpse into the Tirumala Tirupati Temple. It explores the temple's history, architecture, rituals, and the millions of devotees who visit it annually to pay homage to the presiding deity, Lord Venkateswara.