7 Anime Pets We All Wish We Could Have

Team FC

1. Chouchou from One Piece

Chouchou from "One Piece" is a lovable canine character that becomes a dear friend to the Straw Hat Pirates. Found at the Baratie, this faithful dog captures hearts with its unwavering loyalty and serves as a symbol of the bonds formed on the crew's journey.

2. Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Jiji, the talking cat from "Kiki's Delivery Service," is a witty and adorable sidekick, embodying the perfect blend of feline independence and loyal friendship.

3. Doraemon

Doraemon, the robotic cat from the future, enchants with his gadgets and endearing personality, making him the ideal pet for anyone seeking a blend of mischief and helpfulness.

4. Pochita from Chainsaw Man

Pochita, the tiny devilish pet from "Chainsaw Man," brings a unique blend of cuteness and danger, embodying a chainsaw devil that stole the hearts of anime enthusiasts.

5. Pikachu from Pokemon

Pikachu, the electric-type Pokemon, is not just a beloved mascot but also an epitome of loyalty and adventure, sparking the wish in everyone to have a pocket-sized partner like Ash's iconic companion.

6. Shishimaru from Ninja Hattori

Shishimaru, the ninja dog from "Ninja Hattori," adds a dose of humor and loyalty to the series, making him a wishful pet with his ninja antics and unwavering friendship.

7. Shiro from Shinchan

Shiro, Shinchan's loyal white dog, steals the spotlight with his simple yet endearing presence, making him a wishful pet for those who appreciate uncomplicated companionship.