7 Amitabh Bachchan Movies To Watch On Netflix

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Agneepath (1990)

Amitabh Bachchan portrays Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, a man driven by a desire for justice and retribution after witnessing the brutal murder of his father. His character undergoes a transformation from a righteous teacher to a determined vigilante seeking to avenge his family's honor.

Dostana (1980)

Amitabh Bachchan plays Mr. Sharma, a kind-hearted and understanding man who willingly plays along with the antics of his two tenants, portrayed by Rajesh Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha, leading to hilarious misunderstandings and heartfelt moments.

Black (2005)

In the film Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Amitabh Bachchan takes on the role of Debraj Sahai, a passionate and determined teacher who mentors Michelle, played by Rani Mukerji, despite her severe disabilities.

Badla (2019)

Amitabh Bachchan portrays Badal Gupta, a shrewd and astute advocate known for his impeccable track record in defending clients. His character's sharp intellect and unwavering determination propel the suspenseful narrative as he delves deep into the complexities of the case.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001)

Amitabh Bachchan embodies Yashvardhan Raichand, the formidable head of the Raichand family, whose traditional values and expectations clash with the desires of his rebellious son.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006)

Amitabh Bachchan portrays Samarjit Singh Talwar, a wealthy and influential figure whose marriage faces challenges when his wife's past resurfaces and threatens to unravel their family's stability.

Goodbye (2022)

Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of Harish Bhalla. Harish is the father of several children and the husband of Gayatri Bhalla who dies in the film. The film shows the dynamics of children not understanding their parent's perspective and stereotyping orthodox beliefs.

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