7 Adrenaline Rush Films On Amazon Prime

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Foe (2024) 

This thriller sci-fi directed by Garth Davis is based on Reid's 2018 novel with the same title. The story follows a stranger who enters Hen and Junior's quiet life with a startling proposal.

Oldboy (2003) 

This classic action thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook is loosely based on a Japanese Manga with the same title. It is the revenge story of a man who is kidnapped and held captive for many years. 

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! (2015) 

This mystery thriller directed by Dibakar Banerjee is based on the fictional character created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay.The story follows Byomkesh who is  investigating the disappearance of a chemist. Eventually, the case adds up to a larger conspiracy that will unsettle Calcutta.

Gang Leader (2019) 

This action comedy directed by Vikram Kumar is a fun and exciting watch. The story follows five women that join hands with Pencil, a small-time crime novelist. Together, they plan to avenge the death of their loved ones in a certain incident. 

Adrift (2018)

This survival drama film directed by Baltasar Kormákur is based on a true story. The film follows Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp who encounter a deadly hurricane on a sailing trip. We see them face the unimaginable when they get stuck in the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Sherni (2021)

This thriller film Amit V. Masurkar is a very conscious ecological drama. The story follows Vidya Vincent, the new DFO of a village where a tigress has been killing people. When tasked with capturing and containing the man-eating tigress, Vidya faces hostility every step of the way.  

Mother! (2017) 

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, this film is a great allegory. The story follows a poet and his wife living in a Victorian mansion in the suburbs. However, when strange guests come barging in, shocking events unfold.

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