6 Underrated Actors And Actresses

Team FC

Kalki Koechlin:

With her nuanced performances in offbeat films, Kalki brings a refreshing authenticity to her roles, yet she might not be as prominently acknowledged in mainstream Bollywood.

Oscar Isaac:

Isaac's consistently strong performances in a range of films often go underappreciated, despite his ability to bring depth to any role.

Jim Sarbh:

Often in supporting roles, Jim's nuanced acting may not be as celebrated as it should be.

Kirti Kulhari:

With her compelling portrayals in films, Kirti deserves more attention for her ability to capture the essence of diverse characters.

Jessica Chastain:

Despite her talent and versatility, Chastain may not be as widely recognized as some of her Hollywood counterparts, despite delivering standout performances in various genres.

Swara Bhasker:

Known for her bold choices in roles, Swara brings a unique energy to her performances that might not be as acknowledged in mainstream Bollywood.

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