6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Chernobyl

Team FC

The Philosophical Questions About Morality

The series often deals with canonical philosophical questions of justice, right and wrong, and about the nature of truth.

The Political Commentary

It addresses the state and functionality of a bureaucracy in a dying Soviet Republic, which is not dissimilar to that of contemporary countries. The mismanagement, the corruption, the selfishness that plagues government structures are on clear display.

The Bravery and Kindness of People

While the series does show the dark side of the society and institutions, it also tells the tremendous story of the people who sacrificed their lives for the community and the greater good.

The Thrill of The Narrative

The show tells the story of a people in crisis who are fighting against the odds to stop a nuclear explosion with the lives of millions of people at stake. There is a constant anxiety present through the show without much respite, everything is in a flux, a constant looming threat.

The Visual Pleasure

The series uses a dark and dull visual aesthetic to suit the atmosphere of dread present through the show. The brutalist architecture of the buildings, a common soviet aesthetic, and cramped apartment spaces perfectly add to the feeling.

The Score

Chernobyl has a really great score that responds well to the aesthetic of the show, it eerie and ominous. 'The Bridge of Death' is especially beautiful, using elements of noise music like distortion and echo to create a sense of a dystopian landscape.