6 Reasons to Watch Wake Up Sid

Team FC

See Mumbai through the eyes of Sid and Aisha 

The city of Mumbai is often depicted in various films and carries different spirit into each of these stories. In this film, we see Mumbai through the eyes of Sid who has grown up loving and cherishing the city and also Aisha, to whom Mumbai is a new wild ride. 

Production Design

Any fans of this film can’t deny a common affinity for a yellow wall or bird silhouettes. Through the film’s production design of the house, we see Aisha and Sid’s individuality reflected. The film uses a rundown flat in Mumbai and makes it a comfort space with whimsical, DIY style production design. 

Ayan Mukherji’s debut 

In every director’s filmography their debut holds a special, irreplaceable spot. Ayan Mukherji deals with coming of age themes in most of his films, Wake Up Sid being the first. This film is also made special because it has a cast that played the roles with honesty. 

A refreshing love story 

The story of Sid and Aisha was so different to the other films in the 2000s. In its exploration of friendship, love and self growth, this film created a love story that makes everybody smile. 


Anytime you listen to the music, it takes you right back to the feeling this film gives you. Much like the film, the songs also take you on an emotional ride, making you nostalgic for the film and the 2000s. 

Heartwarming moments of friendship 

While the central plot of the film is about Sid’s journey, his friends play a very important role in marking a different phase of his life. The film shows Sid learning about himself, through crucial moments of help from his friends.