6 Reasons To Watch Vikrant Massey's "Cargo" On Netflix

Team FC

World Building

Writer-director Arati Kadav's wide-eyed world-building – audacious, imaginative, idiosyncratic, subversive – is crucial to the viewer experience. You buy it from the first frame and are ready to take this journey.

Indian Space Movie

If not the first but it is one of the most well-written and made Indian space movies which focused more on the concept, emotions, and story than the outer attractions of space VFX although it has good VFX. The core is strong which makes the film the flag bearer for Indian space movies.


The film touches topics of death, rebirth and afterlife.The demons of Cargo are regular humans with strange superpowers. Don’t forget to notice how people die in the film. It’s absolutely funny and meta. It subtly says all that we possess is left here itself. You don’t take anything with you.

A Compelling Take on Rebirth

It's 2027, and Homo-rakshasas – the modern descendents of mythical demons – are in the Space Age. As part of the Rakshasa-manushya peace treaty, six spaceships were launched with the sole aim of recycling recently deceased humans ("Cargo") for rebirth.


Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi deliver a class act. Vikrant has a lower tone even when he feels intense emotions. He plays prahasta delicately. Shweta Encapsulates the child-like enthusiasm with care and empathy beautifully.


A movie like Cargo is rare. Fewer movies in Hindi cinema that find the day of light, which is equally absurd, out of the box, deeply creative, and an absolute treat. A film like Cargo getting a platform and people’s love is a huge deal for the industry.

Bonus: Connection to Ramayana

The names: Prahastha was the demon commander of Ravana's army. Pushpak (Vimana) was the flying chariot that Ravana stole from the King of Lanka, Kubera.