6 Reasons to Watch The Three of Us On Netflix

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The Performances 

This film had some of the best acting performances. Shefali Shah as Shailaja Desai, Jaideep Ahlawat as Pradip Kamat and Swanand Kirkire as Dipankar Desai made their characters on screen as real as it gets. 

The Cinematography 

Avinash Arun has captured the frames in this film with a lot of context to the characters and their dispositions. The lighting and angles in the film are very naturalistic, this creates a great palette of images in the film. 

The Landscape 

The film is majorly shot in a small Konkan town. The landscape and residential architecture of the area really comes out in the way this film is shot. The shots of the landscape have great representation and significance in film. 

The Nostalgia 

Along with other themes, this film explores the human condition at the face of nostalgia very deeply. The film attributes the act of reconnecting to your past as a brave decision, regardless of the context it is done within. 

The Writing 

The film’s story is written by Avinash Arun, Omkar Achyut Barve and Arpita Chatterjee. It is a very heartfelt and gentle observation of human relationships that make up the story of this film. Dialogues written by Varun Grover and Shoaib Zulfi Nazeer are also very true to the established characters. 

The Balance of bittersweet  

This film, all credit to its actors and makers, strikes the perfect balance of exploring a difficult situation with a lightness of being. It gives a very real and yet subjective perspective on experiences of loss, trauma and healing. 

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