6 Reasons To Watch Squid Game

Team FC

Depiction of Class

The show addresses the discourse around class in a blatant manner, using the metaphor of the games.


The world building both in terms of the set pieces in the games and the real world is great. The real world is drab and sad with small spaces and grit, while the game world is sanitized and filled with colour with the aesthetic of a playground, in contrast to the sinister purpose of the game.

The Hope in Humanity

While the games are based on the idea of competition and the human instinct of survival or greed overshadowing the values of morality, these ideas of human nature are contradicted through the show.

The Relationships Between the Characters

The games lead to a lot of complex relationships that are rooted in the initial distrust and fear. There are a lot of moments of tentative vulnerability that are beautiful to watch.

The Constant Twists and Turns

The shows slowly unravels the truth behind the games and the stakes within the games gradually increase, therefore there is a constant tension and apprehension. There are a lot of betrayals and unexpected deaths that are keep you on the edge of the seat.

The Performances

The series has a lot of beautiful performances by Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo, Hoyeon, Oh-Yeong-Su, etc. It keeps the show grounded when the world becomes too complex.