6 Reasons To Watch Neru on Disney+ Hotstar

Team FC

Unique Perspective on Consent

Jeethu Joseph's Neru redefines courtroom drama by ingeniously exploring a woman's right to consent within the Indian judicial system, offering a fresh take on traditional tropes.

Focused Storytelling

Neru swiftly navigates the complexities of seeking justice in an Indian courtroom after a visually-impaired girl is assaulted, skillfully delving into the frustrations of the legal process and challenges faced by survivors.

Nuanced Portrayal of Survivors

In contrast to typical portrayals, Neru presents a nuanced survivor, Sara, as both intelligent and resilient, breaking stereotypes and offering a compelling character study.

Responsible Treatment of Abuse Scenes

Neru handles abuse scenes with sensitivity, avoiding gratuitous elements, and empowering survivors to share their stories without exploiting traumatic experiences.

Subversion of Stardom Tropes

While shifting focus from stardom, Neru incorporates traditional courtroom drama elements, featuring Mohanlal with refreshing coolness and humor, balancing tradition with innovation.

Refreshing Cinematic Language

Neru introduces a new perspective akin to 'wine in a bottle,' offering a fresh cinematic language with Mohanlal's cool portrayal, making the film forgivable despite some traditional elements.