6 Reasons To Watch Mirzapur

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Pankaj Tripathi's Performance

Pankaj Tripathi's portrayal of Kaleen Bhaiya adds depth to the crime genre, showcasing his versatility. His shift from positive roles to a negative character is thrilling and impactful.

Unique Pulp-Kitsch Setting

Mirzapur offers a distinct kitsch setting, reminiscent of Gangs of Wasseypur, setting it apart in the OTT space. Over the years, this setting has become a defining characteristic, attracting audiences to its gritty ambiance.

Gripping Cliffhangers

Precise episode construction ensures a nail-biting experience with every cliffhanger. Viewers are compelled to binge-watch as each episode seamlessly leads to the next.

Empowering Female Characters

Despite the patriarchal backdrop, female characters are well-rounded and assert their own agency. Characters like Sweety and Golu defy stereotypes, showcasing independence and strength.

Stellar Ensemble Cast

A talented cast including Ali Fazal, Vikrant Massey, and Shweta Tripathi deliver captivating performances.Despite criticisms of the storyline, the cast's acting prowess is widely appreciated by audiences and critics.

Engaging Simplicity of Storytelling

Mirzapur's simple yet compelling storyline ensures an immersive viewing experience. The expositional nature of the narrative keeps viewers engaged, making it easy to follow even after distractions.

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