6 Reasons To Watch Killer Soup

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The performances 

In this series, the characters played by Konkana Sen Sharma and Manoj Bajpayee are one with them. They have many dimensions and motivations at every point of the story and the two veteran actors have brought all of it to life on screen. 

The production design 

This thriller series has been set in a fictional hill station in Tamil Nadu. The characters, the food, the sets, all of it carries a spirit. One of the reasons this series is an engaging watch is because of the rich production design. 

Engaging screenplay

This show tells the story of a woman who tries to replace her husband with her lover. Through a series of absurd events, the story of this trial plays out in the deft screenplay, keeping the audience on the edge throughout.

Entertaining characters 

One of the best things about the series is the interesting cast of characters it offers. Playing to the advantage of the episodic nature, this series has many supporting characters that contribute tremendously to expanding the world of the story. 

Loosely based on a true story 

Like with any story based on true events, knowing that this series was inspired from the 2017 incident in Telangana makes it much more exciting. It shows how reality more often than not, is as wild as fiction. 

Interesting mix of dialogue

The writing and screenplay of this series is quite good, but the real hero is the dialogues in this show. It is a very fresh way of words for characters in a thriller, it exposes many cultural influences and gives the story a richer feeling.  

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