6 Reasons To Watch Guide (1965)

Team FC

Progressive Themes 

This film is based on R. K. Narayan's 1958 novel The Guide. The story explores brave and the timelessly relevant themes of loveless marriages, female desire, ambition, doomed romances and much more. 

The Iconic Music 

This film's soundtrack composed by S.D. Burman is regarded as one of the best movie albums in the industry. Penned by Shailendra, each song tells the story of a character or theme in the film.  

Vijay Anand’s Direction

This was only the fourth film directed by Vijay Anand in his career. His work in the film gained a lot of praise around the world. While borrowing from the novel, this film also independently developed its voice with great intention and thought. 


Since its release, this film has been celebrated and discussed for multiple reasons. But one of the most mentioned aspects of the film is the range of performance we see by Dev Anand playing Raju and Waheeda Rehman playing Rosie. 

Grey characters  

One of the most intriguing things about the film are the characters that belong to it. This story offers us jaded, intense and consuming characters, character arcs and a plot that draws the audience in from the get go. 

The Romance 

Dev Anand’s undeniable charm was one of the most popularly celebrated things by the audience. In this film, the intensity of Raju and Rosie’s chemistry or the themes explored through their characters made the pair one of the most iconic romances on screen.