6 Reasons To Watch Fight Club (1999), If You Haven’t Yet

Bhavya Mittal

Reason No.1

Yes, you don’t talk about it. Yes, it’s entertaining, mind-bending, what a great end.. Yes, Brad Pitt is hot. Yes! Favid Dincher is a genius. Yes, it’s a masterpiece. Is that enough? Is that all? Do films have more to it or are you happy with scratching the surface?

Deep Symbolism

What you understand of any scene is you still making quick conclusions to make yourself believe that you’ve understood it so that you easily avoid the harsh truth of it. Stay with it. Sit with it. Pause it. Reflect it. Don’t go around circles. Put in the cognitive effort. Fight the resistance. Join the club. 

What Are You Expecting?

This isn’t going to help you escape. Nah-uh. Not at all. It will make you take a hard look at yourself and the life you’re living. Wake up. It’s your life.Think everything’s wrong with the world? Wanna know why? Think everything’s wrong with you? Wanna know why? Check this out.

Stay With The Pain, Don’t Shut It Out

It stands with the Argument that outer richness makes you hollow and our environment is created in such a way that, that hollowness is appreciated by others and we have been conditioned to want that appreciation. Heavy, is it? Do you blame the conditioning or ask what can we do?

What You Make Out of it Says a Lot About You

Do you come out nihilistic, a pessimist, an optimist or highly motivated. Do you start ranting on what is masculinity or actually take matters in your own hands of your life and take action. Do you become a follower or a leader? Go. Take the test and find out.

If This is Your First Time, You Gotta Fight

First watch? Take it easy. Just go in without expectations. Take a deep breath. Forget all that you know of it. Don’t take in your prejudices. Let it take you in. If you feel you aren’t in the mood, tap out. If you’re in, go full in.