6 Reasons to Watch Dune: Part 2

Team FC

Imaginary World Rooted in Reality

The film is adapted from the book Dune by Frank Herbert and is in continuation to Part 1. The film although an imaginary world is rooted in reality with how it deals with human psyche, the desire for power and what true leadership is.

Never Falls Flat

The film never loses grip or tries to impress you by forcing grandiose.  The film is grand and real to itself. You will be engaged throughout the 2hr45 mins of the film.

Cinematic Experience

The makers of this film have created an experience you don't want to miss. You don't watch the film - you live it. It's everything you wish from a film. The visuals border on poetry. It’s Majestic.

Lives Up to the Expectations

The world is imagined in its beauty and brutality. Although Dune Part 1 had more dialogue punches and set the bar high, part 2’s stunning visuals and earth-shattering music live up to the expectations. 

Stellar Performances

Rebecca Ferguson gives an amazing performance with Timothee Chalamet and so do the other cast members. Thanks to the Lisan-al-gaib Denis who lead the cast and crew to perfection.


The filmmaking is unapologetic. The filmmaker has stuck to the vision and presented the story as itself. You can see there were no compromises made to please the audience, to make it palatable or profitable. It's a great film on a grand scale, profit is a by-product.

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