6 Reasons To Watch Chamkila On Netflix

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The magic quartet of Imtiaz Ali, A.R. Rahman, Irshad Kamil, and Mohit Chauhan is back, weaving their spell over the film. The album itself is fantastic, but when viewed in the context of Chamkila's life, the lyrics become intricately woven into the story.


Diljit Dosanjh may claim he's not an actor, but his stellar performances both onstage and onscreen tell a different story. Parineeti Chopra delivers a knockout performance as Amarjot. Their on-screen chemistry as a singing duo is undeniable.


This biopic, based on the lives of Amar Singh Chamkila and Amarjot, delves into Chamkila's journey and what earned him the title of "The Elvis of Punjab." He was both immensely loved and hated, ultimately killed for the very thing that brought him adoration.

Freedom of Speech

The film tackles the concept of freedom of speech, raising the question: who decides what is appropriate and what is not, if the masses embrace it? It laments the death not just of a person, but of a place and era.

Female Gaze

The film's Essence is a refreshing woman's perspective, highlighting how patriarchy attempts to control a woman's thoughts. Songs like "Naram Kaalja," "Tu Kya Jaane," and "Vida Karo" showcase the female gaze, where women are demonstrably enjoying Chamkila's music.

An Artist's Life

This is a story about an artist who was silenced for his art. It explores how artists create based on their observations of the world around them and also makes the audience happy. Chamkila walked this tightrope brilliantly, only to have his light extinguished too soon.

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