6 Movies to Watch for Weight Loss Inspiration

Team FC

To Be Fat like Me (2007)

This film follows a high school student's eye-opening experiment with a fat suit, shedding light on the challenges of obesity and inspiring reflection on societal perceptions.

Precious (2009)

"Precious" tells a compelling story of an abused, overweight teenager's journey towards self-love, resilience, and weight loss, delivering a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity.

Sultan (2016)

Salman Khan's "Sultan" motivates with a gripping tale of a wrestler's weight loss and fitness transformation, blending intense training sequences with a compelling storyline to inspire discipline and determination.

Disfigured (2008)

In "Disfigured," two women from different weight spectrums form an unlikely friendship, offering a touching exploration of body image and self-acceptance, encouraging viewers to challenge societal norms and embrace confidence in their own bodies.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

This film inspires us to fight for what we believe in and shows how a physical activity like boxing can fill a hole in a person’s emotional and spiritual life.

Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior (2003)

Tony Jaa’s athleticism and martial arts skills are simply phenomenal. This movie can inspire you to start mastering your body.