6 Moments When Ranveer Singh Stole Our Hearts

Anushka Halve

1. Do the Rex:

In 2014, Singh appeared in a Durex ad, which quickly became a media sensation. It is unconventional for a leading man to be in a condom commercial, let alone reach out to companies asking to be in it.

2. Low Budget Reel:

On Instagram, Singh posted a badly-edited, low-budget and outright hilarious reel using ‘Tum Kya Mile’ with the caption, “Alia ke reel jitna budget nahi thha (my budget wasn’t as much as Alia’s).”

3. Fashion Unpoliced:

Blinding colours, clashing patterns, high-heeled boots — the things Singh has worn are only to be seen and believed. Whether it's a bold suit, an eccentric hat, or a flamboyant outfit, Singh has established himself to be the most unusual of fashionistas with a style that is beyond definition.

4. Fan’s boi: 

For an actor, fan service is part of the job description, but Singh’s efforts stand out for feeling genuine and unrehearsed. The actor often surprises fans with impromptu meet-ups. Plus, his enthusiasm when in the presence of fans, is unparalleled.

5. An Original Copy:

If imitation is flattery, there is no fanboi quite like Ranveer Singh. In the seventh season of Koffee with Karan, Singh offered a glimpse of his mimicry talents.

6. Man with a Boombox:

Singh leans into his persona of being a “Hindi picture ka hero” with the soundtrack that’s a key element of the hero’s entry — because he’s a hero not just on screen, but also in life (thankyouverymuch).