6 Massy Roles Played by Nagarjuna

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Geethanjali (1989)

Nagarjuna's poignant portrayal in "Geethanjali" showcases his versatility as an actor, as he skillfully depicts the emotional journey of a terminally ill patient and delivers a performance that resonates with audiences.

Annamayya (1997)

In "Annamayya," Nagarjuna steps into the role of the legendary 15th-century composer, Annamacharya, with grace and conviction, bringing to life the musical maestro's devotion and artistic brilliance.

Siva (1989)

Nagarjuna's intense performance in the crime drama "Siva" solidifies his position as a leading actor in Indian cinema, portraying a fearless and principled character caught in the crossfire of college politics and crime.

Hello Brother (1994)

Nagarjuna's comedic flair shines in "Hello Brother," a lighthearted entertainer where he plays dual roles, combining humor and action with finesse, creating a memorable cinematic experience.

Shirdi Sai (2012)

As the revered saint in "Shirdi Sai," Nagarjuna brings a spiritual depth to his role, capturing the essence of Sai Baba's teachings and leaving a lasting impact with his soulful performance.

Rajanna (2011)

Nagarjuna's portrayal of the brave and compassionate freedom fighter in "Rajanna" is a powerful and emotionally charged performance, showcasing his ability to embody characters with historical significance.