6 Iconic Characters Played By Paresh Rawal

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Baburao Ganpatrao Apte - Hera Pheri

Paresh Rawal's portrayal of Baburao is a comedic masterpiece, showcasing his impeccable timing and ability to turn mundane situations into uproarious laughter.

Dr. Ghungroo - Welcome

With Dr. Ghungroo, Paresh Rawal seamlessly blends humor and eccentricity, delivering a memorable performance that adds a delightful touch to the film.

Kanji Mehta - OMG (Oh My God!)

As Kanji Mehta, Rawal skillfully navigates between skepticism and dogma, infusing the character with wit and depth, making OMG a thought-provoking and entertaining experience.

Lambodar Chacha - Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge

Paresh Rawal's Lambodar Chacha is a comic gem, as he effortlessly captures the exasperation and humor of dealing with unexpected guests, showcasing his versatility and comedic prowess.

Somnath - Golmaal

Playing the quirky Somnath, Paresh Rawal contributes to the humor of Golmaal with his eccentric mannerisms and impeccable comic timing, solidifying his status as a seasoned entertainer.

Mr. Khan - Table No. 21

In Table No. 21, Rawal's portrayal of Mr. Khan is gripping and intense, demonstrating his ability to seamlessly transition between genres, leaving a lasting impact with his nuanced performance.

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