6 Burning Questions That Were Left Unanswered in Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan 1

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Does Arulmozhi survive?

While the film left things ambiguous, the trailer reveals that Ponniyin Selvan indeed survives. He is probably saved by the Oomai Rani yet again.

Who is Oomai Rani and what explains her resemblance to Nandini?

In the trailer of PS-2, Arulmozhi confides in Kundavai about Oomai Rani and her resemblance to Nandini. Even if the Oomai Rani is assumed to be Nandini’s mother, who is the father? And why does Sundara Chola look stunned upon Oomai Rani’s mention?

Why does Nandini want to kill Aditha Karikalan?

We know that Veera Pandyan’s execution sparked a rage in Nandini. But what connects Nandini to Veera Pandyan? And what drives her hatred for Karikalan with an unexplainable compulsion in the trailer of PS-2?

Who is the little boy Nandini is plotting with?

The trailer shows a young boy right next to Nandini and the Pandya rebels for much of her appearance in the video. “Let’s vanquish the Chola dynasty and kill all of them,” she tells him. Who is the boy? Is he her son? If so, who is the father?

Why is Sembiyan Mahadevi dismissive of her son Madhuranthaka’s interest in the crown?

When former king Gandaraditya passed away, his brother’s son Sundara Chola took over the crown owing to the young age of the heir apparent Madhuranthaka. But now that he has come of age, the Shiavite Chola wants his claws in the throne. But why is his mother staunchly against his decision in PS-1?

And why does Madhuranthaka side with the Pandya allies?

Madhuranthaka is crowned by the Pandya associates in the trailer of PS-2? What does this Chola prince have to do with the rebel gang?

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