6 Akshaye Khanna Characters We Love

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1. Sid in Dil Chahta Hai

Akshaye Khanna melts hearts as Sid, the sensitive and artistic friend of the famous Dil Chahta Hai trio. His melancholy as he is swept up in an unrequited romance makes him a truly memorable character. 

2. IG Tarun in Drishyam 2

Khanna adds a novel twist to the original Drishyam 2 as a new character. Filling in Tabu’s shoes is no small feat but Khanna manages it with his easy charm. 

3. Dev in Ittefaq

Playing a cop once more, Khanna becomes the audience’s essential vehicle to navigate the murder, crime and deceit that lie at the centre of Ittefaq

4. Maanav in Taal

Khanna plays the classic lover boy in this iconic romantic musical. His portrayal of heartbreak in the song "Nahin Saamne Tu" will always remain unforgettable.

5. Raja Uday Singh in Aaja Nachle 

As an opportunistic capitalist who wishes to destroy an arts centre, we’re supposed to hate him but Khanna’s flirty smirk adds a whole new dimension – and appeal – to his antagonist.

6. Rajiv in Race

While we haven’t seen too many villainous shades on Khanna, he is the perfect adversary to Saif Ali Khan’s character as the diabolical Rajiv in Race.

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