5 Underrated Romantic Thrillers Streaming on MUBI

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Decision to Leave

In this Park Chan-wook directorial, we see the extent to which a woman goes to remain a mystery to the man she adores so that he doesn't fall out of love with her.

The Piano Teacher

Directed by Michael Haneke, the film follows a piano teacher. She is nearly 40 years old, with repressed sexual desires and a controlling mother. When she gets involved with a pupil, her fantasies unravel.

In the Realm of the Senses

Directed by Nagisa Ōshima, this highly controversial film follows an employer and his employee who embark on a journey of sexual exploration. It is a fictionalised version of the 1936 murder committed by Sada Abe.

Please Baby Please

A couple's encounter with a gang changes the course of their marriage when they realise that it has left them questioning their sexual and gender identities, and what they mean to each other. The film is directed by Amanda Kramer.


Directed by Paul Verhoeven and set in the 17th century, we witness a nun engage in a torrid, forbidden affair with another woman. All the while, inexplicable things happen to her, from being possessed by the spirit of Jesus to waking up with stigmata on her palms and feet.

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