5 Underrated Movies Of Ram Gopal Varma On Streaming

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Kshana Kshanam (1991) - Prime Video

This 1991 Telugu thriller, "Kshana Kshanam," is a rollercoaster of suspense and drama, featuring a brilliant plot and exceptional performances by Sridevi and Venkatesh.

Anaganaga Oka Roju (1996) - Prime Video

A thrilling narrative with a blend of suspense and comedy, "Anaganaga Oka Roju" showcases Ram Gopal Varma's directorial finesse, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Rakta Charitra I (2010) - Prime Video

"Rakta Charitra I" delves into the real-life political vendetta, with Vivek Oberoi delivering a compelling performance as Paritala Ravi, making it a must-watch for crime drama enthusiasts.

The Attacks of 26/11 (2013) - JioCinema

Offering a chilling portrayal of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, this 2013 film provides an intense and emotional account of the tragic event, directed by Ram Gopal Varma.

Killing Veerappan (2016) - Youtube

A gripping true story brought to life, "Killing Veerappan" (2016) narrates the mission to capture the notorious Indian bandit Veerappan, showcasing Varma's skill in crafting intense narratives.

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