5 Times Bollywood Inspired Hollywood

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Abhay and Kill Bill Vol. 1

Quentin Tarantino admitted to director Anurag Kashyap that he was inspired by an Indian film, likely Kamal Haasan's Abhay, for Kill Bill Vol. 1's animated violence sequence.

A Wednesday and A Common Man

A Wednesday, Neeraj Pandey's brilliant thriller, got an official remake in Hollywood called A Common Man, with Ben Kingsley filling Naseerudding Shah's shoes.

Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and Just Go With It

While both the films are inspired by the 1969 drama Cactus Flower, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston's Just Go With It shares an uncanny resemblance to Salman Khan's Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya in terms of narrative, plot twists and humour.

Darr and Fear

Although their storylines differ, Hollywood film Fear shares many similarities with Shah Rukh Khan's iconic Darr, including the infamous scene where he carves the name 'Kiran' on his chest.

Sangam and Pearl Harbour

Although there are slight tweaks to the relationships in Pear Harbour's love triangle, it echoes Sangam's structural skeleton, with two men pining for the same woman and one couple unable to be together due to the third friend.

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