5 Times Bhuvan Bam Hit It Out Of The Park With Titu Mama

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Titu Mama's First Appearance

Bhuvan Bam Introduced Titu Mama on May 3, 2017, with a video now titled “Chai Mein Kya Dubayenge? Ijjat?!”. The video Has more than 75 million views making Titu Mama the most loved character in the BB ki Vines Universe. 

Titu Talks With Shahrukh Khan

Bhuvan Bam knocked it out of the park with his talk show, "Titu Talks," featuring Shah Rukh Khan as his first guest. Shahrukh Khan was Briefed once and they shot directly without any Practice. Khan was a good sport, giving honest and insightful answers.

Dhindora EP

Bhuvan Bam's character universe show "Dhindora" features an original song called "Didi Song," sung by Titu Mama. The song was written by Bhuvan Bam, Hussain Dalal, and Ababs Dalal.

Takeshi's Castle

Bhuvan Bam is bringing back the iconic commentary of Takeshi's Castle with Titu Mama on Amazon Prime Video. The original commentary by Javed Jaffery on TV was legendary, and fans are excited to see what Bam has in store.

Titu Mama as Lead Actor

Bhuvan Bam Mentioned in an interview that he is planning to Make a full-fledged action-packed film starring Titu Mama as the lead. Written and starring Bam himself, this YTA movie is sure to be another out-of-the-box hit for the BBKV Universe.

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