5 Queer Characters That Won Our Hearts

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Radha in Fire

Shabani Azmi breathed life into Radha, a middle-aged woman stuck in a loveless marriage. Through her affair with her sister-in-law, she breaks free from not only the shackles of her marriage but also broadens her understanding of her own identity.

Bharti Mandal in Geeli Puchi Ajeeb Dastans

A strong, competent Dalit woman, Bharti Mandal (Konkona Sensharma) stole our hearts with her defiance and dignity.

Shilpa in Super Deluxe

Although not played by a trangender actor, Shilpa in Super Deluxe is a riveting portrayal of the transgender identity in the rigid Indian society.

Rahul in Kapoor and Sons

Dashing, accomplished and charming. Rahul nudged the representation of Indian gay men a little wider through his way of being.

Nikhil in My Brother...Nikhil

Sanjay Suri plays a state swimming champion before HIV upends his life, leading him to find transformative grit and companionship.

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