5 Must-Watch Movies Of John Krasinski

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1. A Quiet Place (2018) - Netflix

A Quiet Place marked Krasinski's directorial debut, and it was a tremendous success both critically and commercially. This gripping horror film follows a family that must navigate a post-apocalyptic world invaded by blind creatures with an acute sense of hearing.

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2. The Hollars (2016) - Prime Video

The Hollars showcases Krasinski's acting and directing skills in a heartfelt and comedic family drama. The story revolves around John Hollar, a struggling graphic novelist who returns home when his mother falls ill. Krasinski delivers a nuanced performance alongside an incredible ensemble cast that includes Margo Martindale and Richard Jenkins.

3. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016) - Prime Video

In this intense action thriller directed by Michael Bay, Krasinski delivers a captivating performance as a former Navy SEAL in a true story based on the Benghazi attack in 2012. Krasinski showcases his physical abilities and emotional depth in this gripping portrayal of real-life heroism.

4. Away We Go (2009)

Away We Go is a charming indie comedy-drama directed by Sam Mendes. Krasinski plays Burt Farlander, a loving boyfriend who embarks on a journey across America with his pregnant girlfriend, Verona, played by Maya Rudolph. Krasinski's chemistry with Rudolph and his ability to capture heartfelt moments make this movie a must-watch.

5. It's Complicated (2009)

In this Nancy Meyers film, Krasinski shines alongside Hollywood veterans Meryl Streep and Steve Martin. Krasinski's role as the engaged fiancé of Streep's daughter provides hilarious moments and comedic relief.

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