5 Movies To Watch If You Loved Oppenheimer

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The Trial of Chicago 7 - Netflix

The Netflix film is based on the trial of eight anti-Vietnam War protestors. If you Loved the Court trial of J.Robert Oppenheimer in the film You have to try this film starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect - Jio Cinema

Nambi Narayanan, an aerospace engineer who made significant contribution to India’s Space and research Organization is faced with the false accusations of espionage and his journey through fighting the allegations. 

Tesla- Prime Video

The film focuses on Tesla's life and work in the context of his relationships with other scientists and inventors, such as Thomas Edison. The film also explores Tesla's struggles with mental illness and his eventual downfall.

The Man Who Knew Infinity - Prime Video

This is also a thought-provoking biopic about Srinivasa Ramanujan, a self-taught Indian mathematician who made significant contributions to number theory, analysis, infinite series, and continued fractions. 

The Theory Of Everything - Prime Video

The film is a Biopic of Stephen Hawking, a British theoretical physicist and cosmologist who made significant contributions to our understanding of the universe and how his disability had a profound impact on his personal life. 

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