5 Movies That Prove Om Puri's Versatility As An Actor

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1. Aakrosh (1980)

In "Aakrosh," Om Puri showcased his versatility by portraying a character filled with raw intensity, delivering a powerful performance that earned him the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award.

2. Arohan (1982)

Om Puri's versatility shone in "Arohan," where he transformed into a completely different character, earning the National Award for Best Actor and displaying his ability to adapt to diverse roles.

3. Ardh Satya (1983)

Om Puri's multifaceted talent came to the fore in "Ardh Satya" as he convincingly depicted a complex police inspector, demonstrating his versatility by transitioning from one character to another seamlessly.

4. City of Joy (1992)

In "City of Joy," Om Puri's versatility extended to international cinema, as he adeptly portrayed a character in a Hollywood film, underscoring his ability to excel on a global stage.

5. Maachis (1996)

Om Puri continued to exhibit his versatility in "Maachis" by delivering a performance that resonated with both critics and audiences, showcasing his adaptability to various genres and narratives.

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