5 Movies About Vincent Van Gogh You Need To Watch

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At Eternity’s Gate (2018)

William Dafoe plays Vincent Van Gogh in At Eternity's Gate, about the famous painter is, at heart, a mood movie, about an artist who finally made peace with the fact that his real audience exists in the future. 

Vincent van Gogh: Painted with Words (2010)

The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent van Gogh and Jamie Parker as his brother Theo. The film is based on Van Gogh's own words, as sourced from his letters to Theo and others.

Vincent and the Doctor (2005)

Doctor Who: Season 5, Episode 10

In the episode, Van Gogh is able to see his work displayed in a gallery, and he is overwhelmed by the positive reaction of the viewers and how it has impacted people all around the world. 

Dreams (1990)

Dreams is an anthology film written and directed by Akira Kurosawa, inspired by his own recurring dreams. The film “Crows” is about  An aspiring artist entering the world of a painting and encountering Vincent van Gogh (played by Martin Scorsese).

Loving Vincent (2017)

The film tells the story of Vincent van Gogh's death, through the eyes of Armand Roulin, the son of the postman who was one of Van Gogh's closest friends. The making of the film is a Documentary called “Loving Vincent: An impossible Dream.

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