5 Most Powerful BGM From Anirudh Ravichander

Team FC

Leo (2023)

Anirudh's BGM for "Leo" in 2023 captivates with its emotional depth and grandeur, adding a powerful dimension to the film and vijay's character.

Jawan (2023)

In "Jawan," the BGM by Anirudh enhances the intensity of the action sequences performed by SRK and reinforces the film's thrilling atmosphere.

Jailer (2023)

Anirudh's BGM in "Jailer" contributes to the film's suspense and drama, creating an impactful auditory backdrop that complements the storyline.

Maari (2015)

The BGM for "Maari" showcases Anirudh's ability to infuse energy and style into the film, perfectly complementing Dhanush's character.

Master (2021)

Anirudh's BGM in "Master" is a masterclass in enhancing the film's electrifying moments, contributing to its massive success and creating a memorable cinematic experience.

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