5 Most Absurd CGI Moments From Indian Cinema in 2023

Team FC

Explanatory Note

Subsequent developments in Indian CGI have been made. Here we take a look at some of the CGI moments that made us pause, and take notice. Just not for the right reasons.


What is intended to be visual poetry ends up looking like a parody reeking of artificiality in every frame. Be it a forest or a royal kingdom, the fakeness is always glaring in its visuals. The worst of all has to be the war sequence.


Let's accept it. We were all prepared for Adipurush's VFX debacle but nothing could prepare us for the catastrophe we saw on the big screen.

Chandramukhi 2

the real horror in the film is its CGI. From owls, panthers and snakes that are nothing like their real-world versions. The CGI in Chandramukhi 2 lends itself to plenty of unintentional comedy.


Stories set in the future require world-building, character-building and state-of-the-art VFX. Ganapath is sorely lacking on all counts.This film feels like it was breathed into life through a reckless green-screen.


The issue with Tejas's CGI isn't a lack of funds but a glaring deficit in design effort. Perhaps a sprinkle of practical effects could have spared the film from the ignominy of a national eye-roll.