5 Moments From Game Of Thrones That Left Us Awestruck

Pratim D. Gupta

Jaime Lannister pushes Bran Stark (S1, E1)

A bright little 10-year-old kid innocuously climbing up the tower wall and catching the Queen being taken from behind by her own brother. Jamie Lannister casually says, "The things I do for love", and pushes Bran out of the window.

Ned Stark is executed (S1, E9)

Yes he was languishing in prison but no one ever believed that the hero of the show, whom we had fallen in love with because of his integrity and kindness, would be taken out in the very first season.

Daenerys gives birth to dragons (S1, E10)

If you have seen it, you can never ever take that image out of your mind. The naked Daenerys Targaryen literally rising from the ashes – of her dead husband Khal Drogo's funeral pyre – and three just-hatched dragons crawling all over her.

The Red Wedding (S3, E9)

In terms of camera, edit and music, the shot-by-shot breakdown of this scene is right up there with Psycho's shower scene. For those who had read the book and knew what was coming, even they swear by the sheer rawness and brutality of this scene.

The Purple Wedding (S4, E2)

If one wedding shocked us, this one turned out to be so very satisfying. Even though it ended with a 19-year-old being poisoned to death. Because by the time blood started oozing out of Joffrey's mouth, we all despised him so much that it felt really good.