5 Iconic ‘So Bad It’s Good Films’ To Watch Online

Team FC

Hum Saath - Saath Hai on Netflix

From being disturbingly excited about singing the alphabet song to accompanying a newly-married couple on their honeymoon, Ramkishan's oversized family has zero chill. If you're looking for an absolute mushy cringe-fest, you know what to do.

Rudraksh on Voot, MX Player

Sanjay Dutt plays a karate sensei cum nightclub bouncer cum Hanuman devotee who can cure people through intense meditation. Must we say more?

Karzzzz on Disney+ Hostar

This is proof that the number of Zs in a film title are directly proportional to how bad it is. If nothing, we recommend watching this wonder for Himesh Reshammiya crooning "Tandoori Nights".

Gunda on MX Player

Why wouldn't you want to watch film with the dialogue, "Mera naam hai Ibu Hatela, maa meri chudail ki beti, baap mera shaitaan ka beta, khayega kela?" Wha

Lovestory 2050 on Prime Video 

What has awesome time travel and a heart-warming story at its centre? Back to the Future. Lovestory 2050 has bad CGI and Priyanka Chopra with red hair.

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