5 Iconic Remakes You Can Stream Online

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Drishyam 2 on Amazon Prime Video

A remake of the Malayalam Mohanlal-starrer of the same name, the Drishyam franchise has found its own fan-following the Hindi belt of the nation. Notably, Drishyam 2 puts a spin on some of the original's scenes and even introduces a new character, played by Akshaye Khanna.

Ittefaq on Netflix

A remake of the 1969 film of the same name, Ittefaq revolves around two murder which have two witnesses who are also the prime suspects (played by Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha). The film adopts the Rashomon effect – a narrative tool that shows conflicting versions of the same event through different characters – intensifying its mystery-thriller elements.

Baazigar on Amazon Prime Video

This Shah Rukh Khan classic is an "unofficial" remake of the American film A Kiss Before Dying. Also starring Shilpa Shetty and Kajol, the film revolves around the cold-blooded revenge of a man.

Little Women on Netflix

Although the Louisa May Alcott novel has inspired several adaptations over the years (the most recent one being the 2022 K-drama of the same name), each film can be considered a remake of the last, evolving and learning from its predecessors. The lastest rendition of Little Women, directed by Greta Gerwig, is often considered the most soul-stirring depiction of the March sisters.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale on Amazon Prime Video

The beloved film is a remake of the1987 Japanese film Hachiko Monogatari. Both films were inspired by the true story of Hachiko, a Japanese Akita dog who continued to wait for his late owner years after his death. Both are guaranteed tear-jerkers.

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