5 Iconic Guru Dutt's Movies That Redefined Indian Cinema

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1. Pyaasa (1957)

Guru Dutt's masterpiece delves into the heart of poetic expression and societal critique, a timeless classic that resonates with every generation.

2. Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959)

A poignant tale of love and loss, this film reflects Guru Dutt's own struggles and is a cinematic marvel with its stunning visuals.

3. Saheb Biwi aur Gulam (1962)

This poignant drama explores the complexities of relationships and the decline of aristocracy, showcasing Guru Dutt's directorial finesse.

4. Aar Paar (1954)

A crime thriller infused with music and charm, Guru Dutt's direction and acting make this film an iconic representation of Bollywood's golden era.

5. Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1962)

A lyrical romance set against the backdrop of Muslim traditions, this film boasts of exquisite cinematography and memorable performances, showcasing Guru Dutt's versatility.

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