5 Highest-Grossing Animated Films of All Time

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1. Frozen 2 (2019) - $1.453 Billion

"Frozen 2" is the highest-grossing animated film ever, earning $1.453 billion at the box office, as Anna, Elsa, and friends journey to uncover Elsa's origins in an enchanted forest, despite mixed critical reviews.

2. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) - $1.355 Billion

The 2023 Super Mario film grossed $1.355 billion, making it the year's top-grossing movie. It follows Mario and Princess Peach battling Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom, achieving box office success despite divisive reviews.

3. Frozen (2013) - $1.284 Billion

"Frozen" made $1.284 billion, loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen," depicting the heartwarming journey of sisters Anna and Elsa as they reconnect in an eternal winter, overshadowing other 2010s releases.

4. Incredibles 2 (2018) - $1.242 Billion

Earning over $1.242 billion, this sequel to "The Incredibles" sees Elastigirl's return to superhero duty and Mr. Incredible as a stay-at-home dad, despite mixed reviews, it was a successful animated sequel.

5. Minions (2015) - $1.157 Billion

"Minions" grossed over $1.157 billion as it followed the small yellow creatures in their quest for a new leader in the pre-Gru era, helping establish Illumination Entertainment as a Disney competitor.

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