5 Heist Films You Can Watch On Streaming

Team FC


In this Ajith starrer, a gang scheme to rob a bank. However, too late do they find out that another man had the same plan. The movie is directed by H. Vinoth.

Army of Thieves

The seminal stages of a zombie apocalypse have a jewel thief recruiting a bank teller as they try to steal from three safes that are near impossible to loot.

Happy New Year

In this Farah Khan directorial, a band of thieves pretend to be a dance troop competing in a competition at a hotel in Dubai, while their mission remains to steal from that very property.


With their eye on Romanian gold ingots, a motley group of thieves, including an illusionist, a makeup artist and a hacker, unite to achieve their mission.

Ocean's Eleven

Danny Ocean puts together a group of people to steal from three of Las Vegas's most famous casinos that are owned by his foe, Terry Benedict, in this film directed by Steven Soderbergh.

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