5 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Movies

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Pennywise From It

The character of Pennywise, originally created by Stephen King and brought to life by Bill Skarsgård in the film adaptations, is one of the most iconic horror villains.

Harley Quinn From Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn has become an iconic character in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), thanks to Margot Robbie's charismatic and unhinged portrayal. The costume's mix of playfulness and chaos has made it a hit choice for Halloween

Joker From the Dark Knight and Joker(2019)

This costume gained immense popularity due to the success of the 2019 film "Joker." Making it a Halloween favorite for those who want to embrace the dark and enigmatic persona of the Joker.

Cruella De Vil From Cruella (2021)

The character Cruella De Vil has been a beloved Disney villain since her introduction in "101 Dalmatians" (1961). However, the 2021 film "Cruella" provided a fresh and edgier take on her origin story, showing how she became the fashion-obsessed villain.

The Money Heist Suits

The show's popularity, especially among young adults, brought the Money Heist costume to the forefront. The striking red jumpsuit and Salvador Dalí mask have become iconic symbols of the series and are an easy and recognizable choice for Halloween.

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