5 Great Films Directed by Atlee Kumar

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Raja Rani (2013)

Atlee makes a remarkable directorial debut with Raja Rani, a romantic drama featuring Arya, Nayanthara, and Jai. The film's refreshing take on love, coupled with its poignant storytelling and memorable performances, earned critical acclaim and became a commercial success.

Mersal (2017)

An action-packed drama starring Vijay in a triple role and Nithya menen With its engaging storyline, compelling performances, and social commentary, "Mersal" became one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of all time.

Theri (2016)

Featuring Vijay as a doting father seeking justice. The film's gripping narrative, intense action sequences, and emotional depth resonated strongly with audiences, establishing Atlee as a promising director in Tamil cinema.

Bigil (2019)

A sports drama starring Vijay in dual roles. With its inspiring storyline about women's empowerment and football, coupled with captivating performances and dynamic visuals, "Bigil" emerged as a box office blockbuster.

Jawan (2023) - Netflix

SRk as Jawan is motivated by a deep-seated desire for justice to correct the injustices in society, all while honoring a commitment he made years ago. He faces a formidable criminal without any sense of fear, who has inflicted immense pain on numerous individuals.Theri

Box Office Collection

Raja Rani - ₹84 Crores, Theri - ₹150 Crores, Mersal - ₹260 Crores, Bigil - ₹300 Crores, and Jawan - ₹1,148 Crores

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