5 Films with Stunning VFX

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Who doesn't remember Jr. NTR gatecrashing a colonial British party with a gang of zoo animals? The VFX in RRR plays a huge role in amplifying its thunderous victory.


James Cameron's mind-boggling spectacle has its VFX to thank for much of its charm, with Avatar: The Way of Water showing us an underwater world we had never imagined before.


Denis Villeneuve's Dune creates visual poetry out of barren land, taking sci-fi to new and exciting heights.

Minnal Murali

Basil Joseph's desi superhero film has some of the best VFX we have seen in recent Indian cinema.


Ra.One virtually revolutionized VFX for Hindi films back in 2011. With stunning action scenes to seamless special effects, Ra.One has aged surprisingly well, even a decade later.

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