5 Films Where Animals Are The Main Characters

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From the jungles of Peru to the city of London, Paddington the bear embarks on the journey of a lifetime. We see how he finds his place in the Brown family in this film directed by Paul King.


Remy the rat makes his dream of becoming a chef come true with the help of Alfredo Linguini in this heartwarming movie by Brad Bird.

The Chronicles of Narnia

In the world of Narnia, Aslan the lion represents all things good about humanity and is the one true king of the jungle.

The Lion King

When a lion cub, Simba, loses his father to a vicious, greedy, murderous uncle, he is forced to flee the land. Years later, he returns to reclaim his place in the jungle.

The Jungle Book

Raised by a pack of wolves, Mowgli faces his foe, Shere Khan the tiger, with the help of his friends, a panther and a bear.

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